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  • April Witzke

Sweet Lap Apron for Blacksmiths

This sweet looking lap apron is heading out to a blacksmith in Georgia! Forge-Aprons waist aprons, or half apron as some call it, help preserve the blacksmiths pants, especially when a lot of work is happening at the layout table. All blacksmith aprons made by Forge-Aprons also include the unique and handy Forge-Apron logo pocket. Our Georgia blacksmith decided to add an optional hip pocket to his lap apron. At Forge-Aprons, you can customize your apron to suit your needs with a 6" pocket, 10" pocket set or 23" pocket set that runs the width of the blacksmith apron. You can also Custom size your apron; wider, longer, narrower, shorter - whatever it takes to make your blacksmith apron FIT YOU. Visit our website:

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