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Introduction to Forge-Aprons

If you want a comfortable leather shop apron that has
 function, durability and style, you want a FORGE-APRON! 

FORGE-APRONS are the stylish answer to protective leather aprons for blacksmiths, fabricators, welders, blade smiths, metal smiths and machinists.  We offer nine leather blacksmith apron designs that you can:

  • Custom Size for a perfect fit regardless of whether you are large, tall, short or small. 

  • Personalize our unique tri-opening logo pocket with your name, your shop name, your own logo     design or, if you choose, you can leave the logo pocket off altogether. 

  • Customize your apron with a variety of pocket sizes and placement options; add tool loops, pocket flaps, a leg split and straps, add some extra padding to areas prone to kick back or a wear strip for high wear areas, or switch up the leather type to black or heavy duty water buffalo.

Our goal is to craft a comfortable, functional and good looking blacksmith apron that will hold up to the rigors of the shop.  By doing so, we believe we increase the likelihood that you will wear your apron more regularly meaning, you are better protected!

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