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Picture Gallery

Payne Ann in photo by Eric Leon

Leather waist apron is preferred by some blacksmiths

Boys in Forge-Aprons at BlacksmithGather

3 sizes of Kid's Aprons

John Switzer of Black Bear Forge

John Switzer of Black Bear Forge on YouTube

Gordon Williams demonstrator

Demonstrator, Gordon Williams wears his leather blacksmith apron and appreciates the convenient logo pocket.

Tim Hall in 7x_edited

Here's a 7X tall. We build up to 9X.

Forged in Fire Quentin Horton

Forge-Aprons commonly appear on Forged in Fire

blacksmith school uses Forge Aprons
Forge-Apron with all bells n whistles

Lots of options on the custom apron

Metal Artist, Cindy Chinn in her custom Forge-Apron
3+ year old leather waist apron

George Witzke sports his waist style Forge-Apron that is over 3 years old. He wears his leather apron 6 days a week in his blacksmith shop.

Ryan "Tuck" working in his blacksmith ap

Tuck putting his blacksmith apron into action while forging on a coal forge.

April Witzke the face and hands of Forge Aprons wearing Women's Cut apron

That's me, April Witzke, the face and hands of Forge-Aprons wearing a Women's cut apron

Custom sized blacksmith apron

Mid length blacksmith apron in 4X

Joey Linn with students
Forge Aprons are for forging iron in

Forge Aprons are for forging iron in

Okay, look at the apron

Eyes on the leather apron!

Jack looking a little Steam Punk in his new ForgeApron

Jack looking a little Steam Punk in his new ForgeApron

Kim at Daisy Hill Forge in a blacksmith

Kim at Daisy Hill Forge uses a blacksmith apron by Forge Aprons while grinding.

John Huffstutter proudly wears his black

John Huffstutter proudly poses while wearing his blacksmith apron by Forge Aprons.

Geoff Irwin from down under

Geoff wears his custom leather blacksmith apron in his smithy down under.

Grant Kinkade

Grant shows off the custom logo on his leather shop blacksmith apron by Forge-Aprons

Blacksmith Adventures aprons

These ladies wear custom leather aprons made for Blacksmith Adventures.

Rafter V Traci von Kaenel

Too cute not to include! The Rafter V mascot sitting on his mom's leather shop apron.

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson shows off the custom logo on his new leather shop apron by Forge-Apron

Rick Trahan a public demonstrator

Public demonstrator, Rick Trahan in his custom Forge-Apron with lots of pockets.

Mark Eichinger-Wiese forging with his Forge Apron on

Mark Eichinger-Wiese forging with his Forge Apron on

Brian Ayres

Brian Ayres proudly shows off his new Forge-Apron

Pennsylvania club winner

Forge-Aprons proudly supports blacksmith clubs and guilds around the country.

Randy Emerson in his new apron

Randy shows us his Full-Cut leather Forge-Apron in action at the forge.

7x blacksmith apron

They make 'em big in Texas!

Paul Janusz

Paul Janusz in his custom Forge-Apron with pencil pocket instead of logo pocket

Joseph Patrick gives us a Popeye imitation in his Forge Apron

Joseph Patrick gives us a Popeye imitation in his Forge Apron

Polkie Dot wears it well

The official Forge-Aprons poster child! Ms Polkie Dot wearing her large children's shop apron.

Kids size Forge Apron with tool loop

Kids size Forge Apron with tool loop

Ellen Durkan in her apron

The beautiful, talented blacksmith, Ellen Durkan in her custom leather apron Forge-Apron.

Joey Van der Steeg

Blacksmith and youtube sensation, Joey Van der Steeg, sports his Forge-Apron.

Andy Ruse - forge welding

Andy Ruse - forge welding in a leather Forge Apron

Sarah's apron

Sara of Sarahzona Designs in Arizona shows off her new lap apron in super-soft black leather.

Ryan Tuck in new shop apron

Hard to tell by the photo here but Ryan is a small guy. He got an apron reduced in size.

wave logo on Original Cut Forge Apron blacksmith apron
Sylvia Andrassy Florida

Sylvia says it's been awhile since she did any forging.

Bill Corey

Bill does demonstrations at a historic blacksmith shop so needed a plain front on his leather apron! Sans logo pocket and he is already at it.

Tony Allen shows off his apron

Tony shows off his form and his new Forge-Apron. We custom-size aprons so you can be comfortable and fully protected whether you are an XS or a XXXXL.

J House in long apron

One size does not fit all! Josh wanted a leather apron that gave him full coverage for his big and tall frame.

Josh fabricating in his apron

Josh is a welder and fabricator in a hot rod shop. He's wearing an extra wide, extra long leather apron by Forge Aprons to protect him from sparks and splatter.

Blacksmith leather apron

This Original cut leather blacksmith apron by FORGE-APRON rests after finishing another day at the forge.

Matt Dillon in his new apron

Forge-Aprons make wonderful presents for blacksmiths and metal workers.

Forge Apron in optional buffalo leather
Pennsylvania club winner
Sculptor Jake James in leather apron

Jake James wears his leather blacksmith apron by FORGE-APRON while displaying a recent sculpture he and a group of students at Adam's Forge in LA completed.

layered pockets

Pockets, ya love em or ya hate em. This client LOVED pockets! so much so we had to layer them.

Thatcher Kring blacksmiths apprentice

This young fellow is about to turn 8 and has some room to grow into his kids apron with a personalized logo.

Logo Pocket put to good use.

Client says, "I have never been a fan of pockets on an apron (hot stuff getting in there) But I have found the logo pocket to be a great aid in not loosing things. When I need to use my side cutters to trim mig wire I usually just set them on the closest surface and go on working then can't find them when I need them . Same for my silver pencil . Now they are both taking up permanent residence in the Logo pocket."

Billy sports a cool custom logo

This custom buffalo logo is the clients own logo design. As an option, you can customize your leather blacksmiths apron with your own logo.

Joepaul shows his new shop and apron

Blacksmith, Joepaul Meyers from Texas forges iron while wearing his new Forge-Apron in his new shop.

Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin showing off the fit of his Forge Apron with leg split and leg straps

blacksmith association drawing

Karen from Missouri displays her new blacksmith apron that she acquired through a raffle at BAM. Karen got hooked on blacksmithing when she took a beginner class through BAM. Blacksmith associations are a great way to network and develop skills.

CBA apron winner

Apron Auction winner


Justin forged a heart and took a photo to show how much he likes his Forge-Apron

Joel in his new Forge-Apron

Joel, at 6'7", stands beside his mother in order to give us some perspective. FORGE-APRONS loves to custom-size aprons for the simple fact that a guy this big NEEDED a bigger apron. At Forge-Aprons, we strive to fit both you and your needs.

Naomi at ABANA

This young lady determined she wanted to be a blacksmith when she was 11. Now at 19, she is a blacksmiths apprentice in Idaho. She may be a small girl, but she packs a big wallop! Her new leather blacksmith apron by FORGE-APRONS, fits here petite frame perfectly.

Hitting iron wearing her Forge-Apron

Amber shows us her Forge-Apron in use

Better the apron than his leg

The client owned his FORGE-APRON for barely a month before it saved him a huge hospital bill when a sheet of steel slipped from his grip. He's sure it would have sliced his leg instead of scratching his apron.

Lance Zeigler kids

Blacksmithing is a family affair!

hammering in blacksmiths apron

Blacksmith George Witzke shows off his well used and well loved lap style waist apron from Forge-Aprons.

lap apron blacksmith apron half

Extra tall client, Ralf Mehnert-Meland wanted an extra long waist apron to give him better coverage. Here he is in his smithy preparing to break it in!

Payne and Elijah

Payne and Elijah wear their Forge-Aprons while they demonstrate at their local Heritage Festival in UP Michigan.

Another Satisfied Customer

Mark Suchoki shows off his new Forge-Apron and a few tats.

Payne Anne Chassen getting it hot!

Payne Anne Chassen of Michigan wears her Forge-Apron while torching some metal.

Forging in her blacksmith apron

In order to demonstrate, Stephanie Brooks had to have an apron. We custom sized an apron to fit her petite frame.

super soft brown

If you hate breaking in a new apron, our super-soft, pliable leather options are what you want. We offer a Super-Soft Brown, Super-Soft Buckskin Yellow and Soft Black Leather (not quite as soft as the buckskin, but close) All of these leather options are a 5-6oz weight cowhide which provide great protection.

Apron with split and angled pockets

Our client, Kyle brilliantly asked to have the hip pockets on his custom Forge-Apron set at an angle. This makes it more convenient to get into the pocket and helps reduce debris

XL Tall Custom Blacksmiths Apron

A client from Australia shows off his custom sized Forge-Apron. This leather blacksmith apron was made for his big and tall frame- extra wide and extra long for the ultimate protection a leather blacksmith apron can offer.

Richard Johnson

Richard shows off his leather apron with the limited edition Flame Logo pocket.

Eight Forge Aprons to choose from

There are seven different Forge-Aprons to choose from. One is right for you. From left to right; the Short apron, Full-Cut apron, small Kid's apron, Lap apron, Original Forge-Apron, large Kid's apron, Upsized Original bib apron, and the Budget apron.

Half Face Blades knifemakers aprons

The whole shop at Half Face Blades wears Forge-Aprons. As blade smiths they loved the full pocket with three compartments option

forging in her blacksmith apron

Metalworker and blacksmith, Stephanie Brooks wears her blacksmith apron by Forge-Aprons as she performs blacksmithing demonstrations for the public at a local fair in Maine.

working in apron

Another photo of Jake James wearing his FORGE-APRON this time while shaping some hot steel at the anvil.

Blacksmith t shirt on Bill Morris

AZ blacksmith, Bill Morris, shows of his blacksmith t shirt with a front pocket. Check out our wide array of blacksmith clothes and blacksmith themed tshirts.

Chuck Wright

Doc shows off his personalized logo on his new leather blacksmith apron from Forge-Aprons.

Custom Leather Blacksmith Apron XXXL

Custom-SIZE your Forge Apron. We do large, tall, short and small. Contact us to order an apron that fits and protects all of you!

Apron Poem

This is a fun little poem that one of our customers, Randy Andreasen, wrote about his Forge-Apron.

BBQ Judge Apron
Paul Diefenderfer blacksmithing in his F
Joey Van der Steeg 3 years later photo b
15 year old bladesmith wearing Forge-Apr
Bill Corey forging at a street fair in h
Budding bladesmith wears his Large size
Heavy Black Leather Lap Apron with wear
Wills grandson stealing his apron
Robert Pritchard shows off his Custom Lo
Well loved leather apron by Forge Aprons
Joseph Patrick Y strap on leather shop a
Joshua LaBrosh shows off his Forge Apron
Red forging on coal in his leather shop
Amy Winkel proudly displays her Forge Ap
David Reyes forging a blade in his leath
Its Forging Weather says Bill S while we
Heavy Black Leather Lap Apron with wear
team building event for CEOs Kanab, Utah
Custom Wear Strip on leather work apron
Forge Aprons keep students and instructors safe
Balan in apron
Bill Corey sharing the craft at the fair
Joey's Forge Blacksmith School
Brad whitebread working
nice mid length on shorter guy
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