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Reviews and Testimonials

Clients tell us what they love about their blacksmith apron from FORGE-APRONS. 

Older Reviews

The apron looks, works and fits great. Material quality and workmanship are outstanding. Also your directions on the website about how to configure fit options were very clear

~Michael Z.

Just received the two aprons for my grandsons yesterday.  Thanks for the prompt service and quality made aprons. The boys love them especially that clever chest pocket. ~Greg in Alaska

Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me?  The quality and functionality of my new apron is way more than I expected. I was truly amazed when I opened the package. I can’t wait to put my new apron to work.  Thank you so much for your quality work and extreme attention to detail.  ~Mark in Washington

I received my apron, wow! At first I was reluctant to purchase due to the cost, but I was so wrong........... worth every penny.  Beautifully crafted and well constructed by someone who cares about their art. Great customer service and speedy shipping. ~Rick in Minnesota 


I received the apron and was just blown away by the fit and quality. I have worn it at the forge and in the shop since then, and always aware of how comfortable it is. ~David B.

Thank you for the great customer service! I unboxed my (scrap) leather and was amazed at how you packed it
all in there! have made me very happy! 
~Daniel in Louisianna

I looked long and hard for a nice leather apron for working the forge. Most aprons I found were cheap and uncomfortable . It is a pleasure to work in a Forge-Apron, the way the y-strap hugs the apron to your body as you lean over your work or pick something up, is great. 

My straps fit, but were at the last hole, so April sent me a whole new Y-strap and I was looking good by the end of the week. I'm going to a Master Smithing class at the end of the month and you can bet I'll be proudly wearing my Forge-Apron. ~Ben

Extremely happy with the quality and craftsmanship of this product . Thank you again for being patient working with me to get my logo put on this.  ~Bryan in Utah


I love my apron more and more every day! Thank you again!  ~Billy in Oklahoma


Love my new shop armor! Forge-Apron with wider cut chest & 4" extension, no pockets. I'm a welder/fabricator in a hot rod shop, so I tear up some gear....Very comfortable for all day wear & very heavy duty. Thanks for the great craftsmanship & customer service!

~Josh in Kansas


I am happy to say I am the very proud owner of [new Forge-Apron] and I can't express to you how happy I am!  And of course my husband thinks I look hot in it.

~Karen in Missouri

I love my apron, everything is perfect!!!! Still breaking it in. It looks funny wearing shorts!  

~Chuck in Maryland

Best apron I have ever purchased . Thanks, well worth it. 

~ Mark in Massachusetts

The apron was more than I expected. Your craftsmanship was outstanding! First thing in three months that made me smile. Thank you so much.  ~Joe

Thank you April for my Blacksmith apron its Awesome! I love it! I would recommend to anyone looking for high quality apron at a great price! Top notch!

~Rob H in Georgia

I got my apron, looks good and fits great! ~Larry in Idaho

Thank you so much for the rush order you did on the apron for my hubby’s birthday.  It actually arrived on Monday.  I gave it to him yesterday for his birthday, and he LOVES it!!  It’s one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten him, and that’s saying something!  He’s extremely hard to buy for, so THANK YOU!!

Let me first say thank you for the fast delivery of my apron. I am actually elated with the quality and the fit is perfect... The leather is thick but yet so soft and manageable...thanks for the great customer service and an apron that will last for years.

~Robert in Illinois 

Wow, thank you!  It is not often that people using the word "custom" really mean it! Thank you!  

~ David in Minnesota 


I received my apron today! It by far exceeded all of my expectations! I gave it a good work out today! Thank you again for everything!  ~Billy in Oklahoma


My husband ordered a custom apron and he LOVES it! I would have to say the best thing about them is April (and the quality of leather she chooses). Why is she the best part? Because she cares about each apron and its wearer. She understands they're an extension of the blacksmith and spends the time to make them right. ~Charola Martinek


I got my apron a few days ago, and I could not be happier with it.  Thanks so much!  ~Dave in Michigan


Got the apron last night. Looks and fits great!

 ~John in Washington


Just wanted to let you know that I received the Apron... It's super nice and heavy duty.  ~Mike in Missouri


I just received my custom Forge Apron (christmas present from my brother) What nice work...nice and light.  Nice (custom) logo...Beautiful. ..thank you and nice work.

~J. Kaiser in New York


I got my apron today. Perfect fit! Thanks so much.  



Good Lord, what are y'all trying to do, make me look like a real 'smith??? I LOVE IT!!! I've got a whole lot of apron to live up to!! Thank you for a wonderful apron! It's about built like my anvil, but wears a LOT easier!!

~Tim in North Carolina

Got my apron!!!!.......I was sooo comfy sleeping in it last nite.....nah, really, I love it, thanks!~ Rich in Maryland

Very happy with my new apron.  ~Brian in Colorado

This idea of wearing an apron is a new concept for me, I have always just burnt holes in my clothes and got stuck with the wire from wire brushes... so far I am pleased with the fit of the apron.  ~Bob in Idaho

Hey, I got the box of leather scraps today. Thank you so much :-) there's some great pieces in here. I will definitely be ordering again. ~Rachel in Minnesota

You guys have such great customer service.  The apron arrived timely and my husband loves it.  Thank you very much.    ~Misty in Texas

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