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Forge-Apron's Features and Benefits


A quality shop apron starts with quality leather! At Forge-Aprons, we build our aprons with a mid-weight 5-6 oz, top-grain leather that has been tumbled to make it super-soft, which means it is comfortable to wear right out of the box. Our standard color is a dark chocolate brown but due to popular demand, we also offer other choices as well. See more in Custom Options.

Forge-Aprons leather is thicker than a nickle
Buffalo hide on top of Chocolate Brown l


We utilize black Kevlar thread which has many advantageous properties. First, Kevlar thread does not melt like other fibers. Instead, Kevlar thread decomposes around 800 degrees Fahrenheit (or 426 degrees Celsius) whereas Nylon and Polyester melt at about 400 degrees. Second, Kevlar thread is almost twice as strong as polyester or nylon threads. Third, Kevlar thread has extremely little or no stretch, which helps hold a very tight seam. It costs 3 times more than other threads but, we think it is the only choice for a blacksmiths apron.

Black Kevlar Thread for FORGE-APRONS


Forge-Aprons focuses on comfort! Our aprons come standard with an X Strap system which is a fully adjustable, removable strap system that places the weight of the apron on your shoulders, not your neck. (Goodbye neck strain!) We also offer an Optional Y Strap system that places the majority of the apron's weight on the hips. Both systems include Forge-Apron's unique shoulder epaulets. The epaulets distribute the apron's weight over more area on the shoulder preventing them from pinching and digging into you. Additionally, we base the strap length on your T-shirt size so your apron will fit you perfectly whether you are a size extra small or 7XL.  

Fully adjustable and removable strap system makes Forge-Aprons the most comfortable blacksmith apron on the market

Buckles and Snaps 

From the D-rings  to the  rivets, our hardware  has been  chosen  to provide  you  the ultimate in comfort, convenience and style. Our Accented Flame Buckles by Jeremiah Watts in stainless steel with black flame accents definitely add style!  As an option, we offer hand-forged buckles ideal for those who work in a historical forge setting or do re-enactments. Our short clipped, quick release  trigger snaps that connect at your waist make getting in and out of your FORGE-APRON a snap! For added convenience, the whole strap system is completely removable and adjustable to accommodate multiple users. Perfect for your arsenal of blacksmith tools and personal protection equipment.

Forge-Aprons uses the Accented Flame Buckle by Jeremiah Watts
Quick release snap on Forge-Aprons blacksmiths apron


Every apron from FORGE-APRONS includes a chest pocket. We have designed a unique diamond shaped pocket which provides three openings to keep items like your calipers, grease pencils and glasses handy. This unique pocket also features our logo which can be replaced with your own shop logo. We offer several other pocket options that include placement choices so you can have what you need, where you need it, when you need it! We even offer pocket flaps to help keep pockets free of debris. Pockets and flaps are made with the same quality leather as the apron and are sewn, glued and riveted on. If you don't like pockets, you can opt for no pockets at all and that includes the chest pocket!. 

Various pocket sizes and placement options make Forge-Aprons work for you

Amazing Protection

While inconspicuously appearing to be designed for holding calipers, soap stones and such, FORGE-APRON'S diamond shaped Logo Pocket is secretly infused with super-powers that help shield you from hot slag and stray projectiles. A Flying Spark Deflection Booster is infused within FORGE-APRON'S smooth leather surface. It combines with the leather's natural flame resistance to help ensure the only thing on fire is the forge.  Meanwhile, the amazing strength and elasticity of the leather resists damage to both you and itself all the while working hard to keep you looking good by fending off the filth and grime that's rampant in the shop!  FORGE-APRONS, for the Super-Hero in you.

Forge-Aprons lightening logo


As you can tell, we like having fun here at FORGE-APRONS. We also love making protective leather aprons for blacksmiths and craftsmen but if, for any reason, you are not happy with your apron purchase, call us to arrange for a repair, replacement or refund.  We do include an "Apron Care and Details" sheet with your order that tells you how to care for your apron and gives instructions on how to adjust the straps for a comfortable, safe fit.

April Witzke the owner of Forge-Aprons wears a blacksmith apron for show and tell

More Fun

When you order a FORGE-APRON we also include a special gift - sort of like the prize in the bottom of a super-sugary cereal box.... sweet!  But that's not all!  Just for kicks we include a fun story and token reminder about the fringe benefits of being a blacksmith. It's a story worth sharing. 

Made in USA

FORGE-APRONS are hand made right here in the USA. Read our founding story and more about us.

Part of the leather shop for Forge-Aprons. This is where the blacksmith aprons are made.


  • Military- In recognition and appreciation of the sacrifice they make, we offer a 10% discount to both active and veteran military personnel. 

  • ABANA- Members of the Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America are eligible for a 10% discount in appreciation of all that they do to keep the art of blacksmithing alive and well.

  • Quantity- Orders of five aprons or more are eligible for a bulk discount starting at 10% for PPE personal protection equipment commonly searched for under blacksmith tools. 

Please contact us by phone or email prior to placing your order to receive the discount code. 

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