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  • April Witzke

Four styles of blacksmith aprons you can customize for a comfortable leather shop apron you'll l

Forge-Aprons hand crafts four different styles of blacksmith aprons. If you can't find a leather shop apron that fits you perfectly, we can customize your blacksmith apron. Whether you need a leather shop apron that is extra long, or an extra large, extra wide blacksmith apron we can build an apron just for you. Maybe you need a short leather apron or a smaller leather aprons because you are a smaller smith, we already have those in stock. We even make a leather shop apron just for women metalworkers. Check out what we have to offer at

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In freshening my website, I updated my Reviews App. I hated to lose these older reviews thus the blog post! Thank you so much for the rush order you did on the apron for my hubby’s birthday. It actua

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