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  • April Witzke

Fire and Water Custom Logo

One of the special offerings of Forge-Aprons is the ability to customize your leather apron with your own personal logo and/or name. I enjoy seeing the different designs that folks have come up with for their businesses. Here's a logo that we placed on an Original Cut Forge-Apron for a blacksmith in Hawaii. The waves and sunburst surrounding the anvil just made me happy- almost like I was visiting Hawaii myself!!!!

If you are interested in putting your custom logo on a leather apron, the process is fairly easy. Just send us a jpg of the image. The laser burns monotone so black and white images are just fine. We submit the image to the laser company. Allow two weeks. In the meantime, we build your apron so that when the logo arrives, we can just apply it and ship your order out!

If you have an image you aren't sure will work, often the laser company can tweak it a bit to make it work. Just remember, simpler is better when it comes to laser burning. Give us a call or send us and email if you have questions, we are happy to help!

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