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New Option-Wear Strip

Do you have a "spot" that you are continually wearing through your PPE and clothing due to repetitive activity? Forge-Aprons has the answer for you; a six inch wide strip made of tough buffalo hide. The Wear Strip can be mounted horizontally or diagonally and will extend the entire width of your leather blacksmith apron. This durable leather add-on provides an extra layer of protection where you have the most wear, often times that is right at waist level where you lean into your layout table or move metal across your body. One of our customers moves pallets from left to right. A diagonal Wear Strip adds that extra layer of protection on her shop apron a normal apron isn't designed to hold up to. Forge-Aprons glues, then sews the Wear Strip on with Kevlar thread which, is not only heat tolerant but, has three times the tensile strength of other threads. We then use rivets to help ensure the Wear Strip stays securely in place. Wear Strips protect your investment and you. For more information about or fabulous custom leather aprons visit Forge-Aprons.com.

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