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  • April Witzke

Rising Stars - 3 young blacksmiths in Forge-Aprons

One of the downfalls of Forge-Aprons being based an online business is that I don't get the opportunity to know my customers very often. That is why it was a true treat for us to take our aprons on the road to the Blacksmith Gathering in Pennsylvania this May.

The absolute highlight of my time there was building custom leather aprons for these young men. They, with their non-smithing parents, traveled from New York to watch and learn at the event.

But....they are not total newbies! These boys brought a box of their forge work to show and tell about. Of course, their trip highlight was getting pictures with some of the past contestants from Forged in Fire. The blacksmith community, especially Wasatch Forge from Utah, was very generous with their knowledge and time as they helped advance these young mens blacksmith skills to the next level. It is what I love most about blacksmiths- they are so generous with their knowledge.

Truth is, we enjoyed being amoung the people so much that I am trying to figure out a way to take Forge-Aprons to more events. I'm thinking a toy hauler with a garage may just do the trick!

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