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  • April Witzke

From Big Kids to Little Kids, Forge Aprons has them covered

As a parent, nothing induces pride more than having them emulate you. Just look around at how many businesses are name X and Son! So, when your mini-me decides to join you in the shop, it's a good idea to ensure that they'll grow-up so they can inherit the business or at least your anvil! That's why Forge-Aprons builds protective leather aprons for kids.

We have three sizes that generally fit within the given age ranges. Be sure to measure you kiddos though because an apron that is too big can be as dangerous as none at all. Afterall, you don't want them tripping into something hot or unforgiving or getting snagged near machinery. The Small Kid's Apron is designed for ages 4-7 maybe up to 8. The apron's measurements are a 7" wide bib-top, flaring to a 15" wide bottom and measuring 18" long.  The Large Kid's Apron is for ages 8 to 11 years old. It has an 8" bib-top which flares to18" wide and is 22" long.

For ease of adjustment, the Kid's aprons have multi-holed neck strap that we have padded with lamb's wool for comfort. An adjustable waist belt attaches at the side with a trigger snap for an easy in/out.

Kid's aprons are made of the same quality leather that our standard line of aprons are constructed from; 5-6 oz weight top-grain, super-soft. It is a tad thicker than a nickel, is comfortable and flexible to wear. Additionally, Forge-Aprons for kids can be customized with tool loops and extra pockets. They can also have the logo pocket monogrammed with their

name or, if you have a logo, we can put your logo on the pocket.

You can guarantee that a Kid's size Forge-Apron will become a keepsake and that it is a quality apron that can be passed on for generations! So, your business legacy will be named X and Sons and Grandsons and Nephews and Neices....

Get yours at!

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