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Accessorize Your Blacksmith Apron

There are three things Forge-Aprons aspires for their blacksmith aprons to be known for: First and foremost is comfort. Second is stylish, which is what todays post will focus on. Third is durable.

You may ask, "Why stylish?" To which we answer, why not? Just because our leather shop aprons have the function to protect you doesn't mean you can't look good while they do. So, we found someone to make exclusively for Forge-Aprons these great looking buckles. It's a small thing that adds character and charm to our aprons.

The standard issue Flame Buckles add a flair of style to Forge-Aprons blacksmith aprons.

Not one for bling? Or maybe you do public blacksmith demonstrations at a historical park where you have to dress period. That's great because you can accessorize your apron with hand forged buckles.

Hand forged buckles are an optional accessory on Forge-Aprons blacksmith aprons.

Bottom line here is that we want your leather apron to be what you want it to be. We offer over 25 options for customizing. When you pair that with our 10 apron styles, you are sure to find a Forge-Apron that you will love because it is Comfortable, Stylish and Durable!

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