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  • April Witzke

Blacksmith Aprons for Big n Tall

When my son turned 16, he was passionate about becoming a helicopter pilot so for his birthday gift we bought him a helicopter flight lesson. As I was booking it over the phone, the instructor asked my son's height and weight. These things are important for proper balance when flying. When we showed up for the lesson, the instructor told us that when I said my son weighed 200 lbs at the age of 16, he figured he was some blubbery, video game addicted kid. Nothing could be further from the truth. My son was just a big boy.

I tell you this story to let you know, I understand that Big n Tall does not mean Pillsbury Dough-boy. Good nutrition and quality of healthcare has increased the size of the average American male over the last century.

And, if there is anything we have noticed here at Forge-Aprons, one size fits all - doesn't. Forge-Aprons has always based the back-strap you receive on your t-shirt size. We want your blacksmith apron to fit you comfortably right out of the box. We have also always offered, for a very reasonable charge, the option of adding additional length or width to your leather apron.

Now, in an effort to make purchasing your shop apron even easier, we offer a Big n Tall leather apron. It features a 13" wide bib top that flares to 29" wide at the waist and is 28" long. Even that can be up-sized if need be. So, if you are over 6'2" and wear a 2x to 4x, the Big n Tall leather blacksmith apron from Forge-Aprons has you covered; literally. Because more coverage equals more protection!

Shop for your Big n Tall blacksmith apron at!

16 year old Dalton at 200 lbs

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