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  • April Witzke

Quality Protection That's Budget Friendly

Twenty years ago when the venerable art of blacksmithing was struggling to remain alive, outfitting a forge was essentially cheap. Now, thanks to the incredible influx of interest due to TV shows like "Forged in Fire" and "Iron & Fire", affordable shop equipment is hard to find. It's a problem that is good for the craft but bad for the craftsman. Forge-Aprons recognizes that budgets are stretched thin but they don't want budding smiths to jeopardize their safety so they offer the Heavy Duty Budget Apron. These are quality crafted leather aprons that are both affordable and durable. They are crafted of tough, pliable Water Buffalo hide which has a different fiber structure, being more "stringy" - giving it more stretch, than cowhide. It also has superior abrasion resistance and a reputation for being tough, tear resistant and ironically more flexible than cowhide tanned equally. All these attributes make it a great leather for a blacksmith's apron. The option to customize these leather shop aprons has been removed which is what allows the Budget Aprons to remain so affordable. So, if you have a budget that is a bit thin this Christmas, you can choose a Budget Lap Apron for $50 or a Heavy Duty Budget Apron for $95. Visit to learn more about their economy aprons.

The Budget Apron

Budget Lap Apron

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