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  • April Witzke

Budget Lap Apron

Introducing the new, Budget Lap Apron by Forge-Aprons. The Budget Lap Apron is just a simple apron that helps to preserve your clothing and provide some lower body protection while also being kind to your pocketbook. Measures 22" wide by 14" long. A Flame Buckle fastens it in back. This waist style apron is very comfortable and will quickly conform to your body. This good looking blacksmith apron is only $50. In order to reach such a great price point, we have forgone customization options on this design but if you need a leather shop apron at a great price go to

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In freshening my website, I updated my Reviews App. I hated to lose these older reviews thus the blog post! Thank you so much for the rush order you did on the apron for my hubby’s birthday. It actua

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