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  • April Witzke

X or Y?

At Forge-Aprons, we are always innovating in order to offer blacksmiths, blade smiths, fabricators and even wood workers the perfect leather apron that fits both them and their needs. We are currently in the research and development phase of a new back strap design, the Y. The Y system is only new to Forge-Aprons. It is frequently seen on European blacksmith aprons. The Y back strap system is ideal for those who prefer a snugger fit from their apron. The weight of the apron is transferred to the hips by having a snug waist belt. As opposed to Forge-Aprons standard X system where the weight of the apron is predominately on the shoulders. We are still tweaking the overall mechanics of the design but expect Forge-Aprons to be offering the Y strap system as an option on their leather blacksmith aprons in the near future.

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