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  • April Witzke

Big guys need protection too!

Texas size leather shop apron

You have heard that in Texas they make everything bigger. Well, this custom Forge-Apron is for one of those big, strong Texas blacksmiths. Lucky for them, we super-size our leather aprons! This 7XLT apron has a 15" bib flaring to 43" wide and measures 45" long. We also adapted the pockets to fit his larger hands. The standard pocket is 6" wide. These pockets are 8" wide. Heavier straps and a Y belt system versus our standard X strap system should make for long wearing comfort for this smith who also does wood work.

#Texassizedleatherapron #extralargeblacksmithapron #7xleathershopapron #grandeblacksmithapron

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