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  • April Witzke

New Leather Options at Forge-Aprons

We set up a booth at ABANA in Salt Lake City this year. And though it was a lot of work, we reaped tons of rewards. Not only did we custom fit nearly 75 aprons, we also got to visit with folks about what they wanted in an apron. So, FORGE-APRONS is rolling out a few new options! But before I tell you about them, I want to let you know that all FORGE-APRONS will now utilize Kevlar thread. Not only is it heat resistant to 800 degrees, it's twice as strong and doesn't stretch with means it will take a lot more abuse. Okay, now for those options..... (1) We have angled pockets which provide easy access and help avoid debris. (2) We have two new options in leather: Super-Soft, Pliable Doe-Tan (a soft yellow-the only color available) and a Soft Black Leather, Both are cowhide with a weight of 5-6 oz. (3) We have introduced a Mid-Length 31" long apron that hits most folks above the knees mid-thigh. (4) We brought in a front-pocket T-shirt and cap both with our logo. There are a few items still on the idea board including an alternate strap system so stay tuned or

Soft Black Leather

Super-Soft, pliable Doe-Tan colored leather

Black Kevlar thread now standard

31" Mid-Length apron hits above the knee mid-thigh

Angled pockets

check back often!.

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