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  • April Witzke

Big and Small, an apron for them all

We just spent 5 days at the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America's (ABANA) Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. If was a terrific conference - interesting and diverse demonstrators, numerous hands on forging opportunities and the facilities were nice and convenient. We saw many old friends, met a few past customers for the first time and made several new friends.

At the booth, we were sewing on pockets and customizing aprons on site. Pictured are a few of the folks we outfitted with new FORGE-APRONS. The first photo is of Joel, a young man who at 17 is 6'7". He is one BIG feller!

This second photo is of a young lady, Naomi, who weighs about 100lbs soaking wet but packs a good wallop in her hammer arm. She is 19 and wanted to blacksmith since she was 11. At 18, someone gave her a chance and now she is his apprentice.

Not pictured is a little guy, nine years old whose dad wanted him covered from chin to toe! Big, Tall, Short and Small, FORGE-APRONS has an apron for them all!

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