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  • April Witzke

Super Powers?

Another satisfied customer proudly displays his new super hero gear by Forge Aprons. What? You didn't know that our Logo Pocket is infused with super-powers which help shield you from hot slag and stray projectiles while inconspicuously appearing to be designed for holding rulers, soap stones and such? We figured the shape was a dead give-away.

Then you probably also didn't know that there is a flying spark deflection booster hidden in the leather's smooth surface. It combines with leather's natural flame resistance to ensure the only thing on fire is the forge. Meanwhile, the amazing strength and elasticity of the leather resists damage to both you and itself. Truly the definition of a super suit!

All this plus wearing a Forge-Apron will keep you looking like a Super-Hero as it fends off the filth and grime that's rampant in the shop.

If you aren't sure about your super-hero status, just wearing a FORGE-APRON will make you feel like one. Order yours today!

Customer in Forge-apron

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