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  • April Witzke

Whole Enchilada Pocket

Another customized blacksmiths apron from Forge-Aprons! This lap apron or waist apron as some people refer to them was crafted to meet the needs of the smith ordering it. He wanted lots and lots of pocket space so, we built him an apron with a full set of pockets that covers the whole enchilada. There is a 2.5 inch pocket, a 7 inch pocket and a 10" pocket PLUS the Forge-Apron logo pocket for plenty of storage space!

This photo features the standard riveted waist band and split leg design with riveted keeper that Forge Aprons places on all the lap aprons. Forge Aprons blacksmiths aprons utilize a mid-weight, 5-5.5 ounce leather in distressed brown which gives our leather aprons that unique mottling. Forge Aprons coats the leather with a light coating of leather oil to soften and protect the leather as the blacksmith breaks it in. For more information on Forge-Aprons visit the website:

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