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  • April Witzke

Custom logos are a big hit on blacksmith aprons.

The holiday season is upon us and blacksmith aprons are right up there with a load of coal as the perfect gift for a blacksmith! And it seems alot of blacksmiths have been very good boys and girls as Forge-Aprons is sending out lots and lots of custom aprons this season. We love customizing aprons for folks. One of our favorite custom options to add to an apron is a custom logo. They look amazing and really make the gift of a leather shop apron special. Here's just one we did this week. The laser actually burns the leather with your logo image! We then seal it with a leather sealant and attach it with rivets and hand stitching. A blacksmithing apron is a gift they will cherish for years but a blacksmiths apron with their own logo will be a gift that can be passed down to the next generation!

#personalizedblacksmithapron #customlogoonapron #blacksmithapron #greatgiftforblacksmiths

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