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  • April Witzke

New design just for ladies

Forge-Aprons has designed a new leather apron with ladies in mind. The Full FORGE-APRON was designed to address the challenges women face in finding a comfortable, protective metalworking apron. The Full Forge-Apron features a more petite bib that measures 10" wide by 10" high to accommodate women's narrower shoulders and shorter torso. The bib sides flare out to reduce shifting, giving the ladies a fit that they don't have to fret with. Strap lengths are also shorter to eliminate long tails that get in the way.

Full coverage and comfortable fit in the new Full Forge-Apron for ladies.

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In freshening my website, I updated my Reviews App. I hated to lose these older reviews thus the blog post! Thank you so much for the rush order you did on the apron for my hubby’s birthday. It actua

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