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  • April Witzke

You don't know about Forge-Aprons?

Introducing FORGE-APRONS, the stylish answer to protective, leather aprons for blacksmiths, fabricators, welders, metalsmiths and machinists. These medium weight, 4 - 5 oz, leather aprons offer durable protection without weighing you down. Our blacksmith aprons have fully adjustable, criss-cross straps with wide shoulder pads that distribute the weight over your shoulders, providing long wearing comfort without neck strain. The single, quick release snap makes getting in and out of FORGE-APRONS a snap.

Designed for Super-Heros like you, the FORGE-APRON'S Logo Pocket is infused with super-powers that help shield you from hot slag and stray projectiles while inconspicously appearing to be designed for holding rulers, soap stones and such. The flying spark deflection booster in FORGE-APRON'S smooth surface combined with leather's natural flame resistance, helps ensure the only thing on fire, is the forge. Meanwhile, the amazing strength and elasticity of the FORGE-APRON leather resists damage while it works hard to keep you looking like a super-hero by fending off the filth and grime that is rampant in your shop. Even if you aren't actually a super-hero, wearing a FORGE-APRON will make you feel like one.

The Original FORGE-APRON is a blacksmith apron that offers complete vital organ protection in a bib style measuring 36" long by 24" wide. Custom sizing for tall, large girthed and petite smiths is available, though we do offer the Short FORGE-APRON for smaller statured smiths. The Lap-style FORGE-APRON is a blacksmith apron that offers protection below the waist and helps reduce wear on clothing from working at the layout table while still providing you the super-power protection and convenience of the FORGE Logo Pocket.

And if great styling, comfort and being a tough, hard-working, protective leather blacksmith apron isn't enough for you, FORGE-APRONS offers you the option to Personalize your apron with your name or shop name in addition to offering you the option to Customize your blacksmith apron with your own logo. But there's more, when you order a FORGE-APRON you also receive FREE Priority Mail shipping on your blacksmith apron because, well, FORGE-APRONS are all about going to infinity and beyond!

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