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  • April Witzke

Improvements to Design

Three months ago today, we introduced FORGE-APRONS to the blacksmithing, metalworking community. The response has been fantastic but like all new products, there were opportunities for improvement on the apron design. We listened to the feedback of those who wear their blacksmith apron in the shop daily and made two major changes. The first is the quick release snap. Everyone really likes the ease of a single, snap to get in oand out of their apron but the style we originally chose was a trigger snap which was a little hard to manipulate unseen at your side. So, we have swapped that snap out for a larger, chap style snap that truly is a quick release. It is easy to get a hold of and manuever unseen.

The second change we made was to place a more dynamic design on our logo pocket. Thanks to the help of Blacksmiths Wife Marketing, the new logo design mirrors our webpage. The new design really pops! Don't you agree?


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