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Built using the Original FORGE-APRON pattern, this unique leather apron could be called a half and half. The apron features a 14.5" long top half that is crafted of firm water buffalo leather. Water buffalo is known for it's dense fiber structure which provides excellent penetration protection along with a greater degree of blade deflection due to the firmness.


The 22" long by 24" wide lower half is crafted of our supple, oil tanned leather which allows the wood carver to sit comfortably while working. The leathers themselves are a mid-weight 5-6 oz. (Just a hair thicker than a nickel)


Quick adjust Flame styled buckles in front and an easy grip, quick-release snap at the side make getting in and out a snap. The adjustable, removable X-style back strap anchors the straps in place while smithing. The shoulder epaulets help disburse the blacksmith apron's weight over more area making the apron more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


Kevlar thread and rivets add durability to the pockets. While the photo doesn't show a pocket, a chest pocket Logo diamond is incuded. All of these details make Forge-Aprons the best fitting, most comfortable apron you'll ever wear.

Woodworkers Apron

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