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The Women's Cut Apron isn't about being sexy, it is about being comfortable and protected. The apron is meant to be worn higher on the shoulders than any of our other styles so, in actuality, it covers more. The V removes the "bulge" that often pops up with a horizontal cut apron. The V also helps eliminate the shifting that often occurs while forging. Side darts help shape the apron for a better fit.


As women tend to be smaller than their male counterparts, the Women's Cut Apron is has reduced dimensions. It features a 9" wide bib with a 6" deep V. The apron flares to  22" wide at the waist. Length is 34".


The Women's Cut apron comes with an X style back strap system with shoulder epauletts that make the apron more comfortable for long use. 


Our signature diamond shaped pocket with anvil logo is centered on the chest. Our unique, Flame design buckles and quick release snaps make getting in and out of the apron, a snap.


The apron is built with a supple, oil-tanned leather that is 5-6 oz in weight. (Thicker than a nickel!)  The standard color a dark brown with lighter distressing in what's termed a pull up affect.


The Women's Cut Apron can be altered by custom sizing, personalizing or customizing with pockets and other options. 

Women's Cut Apron

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