The Women's Cut Apron isn't about being sexy, it is about being comfortable while you are protected. The V Cut removes the "bulge" that often pops up with a horizontal cut apron. The V also eliminates shifting that often occurs while forging. Side darts help shape the apron for a better fit. The Women's Cut Apron features a 9" wide bib with an 6" deep V. The bib flares more than any of our other aprons. Darts at the side of the bib top help wrap the apron around for long wearing comfort. Waist strap connections are 12" down from top of apron. At that point the apron is 22" wide. Length is 34". The Women's Cut apron comes with an X style back strap system with shoulder epauletts to disberse the apron's weight thereby reducing strain. It also features the ever popular, Forge-Apron logo pocket, Flame design buckles and quick release snaps. Crafted of super-soft, dark brown cow leather that is 5-6 oz in weight. (Thicker than a nickel!) The Women's Cut Apron can be altered by custom sizing, personalizing or customizing with pockets and other options. 


Please provide you T-shirt size so we can include straps that fit you right out of the box!

Women's Cut Apron