The Mid-Length Apron is 31" long. It ended up being a popular length at the ABANA Conference where we got to custom fit almost 75 people with aprons. It is essentially the same apron as the Original except the 31" hits most people above the knees about mid-thigh. The lower width is 24" but the bib top is also a bit smaller at 11" wide. Like all of our aprons, the Mid-Length can be up-sized or downsized for a perfect fit. It comes standard with the FORGE-APRONS Logo pocket, Criss-Cross Strap system, stylish Flame Buckles, Kevlar stitching and in a mid-weight distressed brown leather.

Standard leather is super soft, dark brown in a 5-6 oz weight (thicker than a nickel). Please choose your shirt size so that we can provide the proper length of straps.

Mid-Length Forge-Apron 31"