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Kids just love to be active in the shop but they deserve protection too!  Our Kids' Aprons include our functional logo pocket on the chest and have an adjustable neck strap that buckles as well as an adjustable back strap that snaps.


We have three (3) sizes available. Be sure to measure your kiddos (or at least their clothes) to ensure a good fit. An apron that is too big is as bad as one that is too small.  


The Small Apron generally fits kids that are 4-7 year olds. The measurements are 7" wide bib top, with a 15" wide bottom and 18" in length.  It is priced at $45


The Large Apron is geared toward Kids that are 8-11 years old. The Large has an 8" bib top, is 18" wide and about 22" long. It is priced at $60.


The Extra Large Kids Apron is geared toward young teens. It has an 8.5" bib top, is 20" wide and 28" long. It is priced at $75. 


You can choose to customize or personalize your Child's Apron by adding their name to the logo pocket, including hip pockets or tool loops but custom sizing is not available as Kid's aprons utilize scrap pieces of leather which is what keeps the price reasonable.


Kid's aprons are crafted of either 6 oz oil tanned, top-grain leather or possibly 4-5 oz water buffalo leather. Aprons may have brands or other marks. 

Kid's Blacksmith Aprons

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