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    The Heavy Duty Budget Forge-Apron is built with 4-5 ounce weight top-grain leather that is a bit thicker than a nickel! We choose leathers that are semi-firm so there is a bit of body, but not so stiff it is like cardboard, it will have some give. Our supplier provides a variety of brown tones but never the same thing twice. We try to keep it darker as that what seems to be preferred! 

    The Budget Apron's dimensions are 28" long by 24" inches wide with the bib top being 10" wide. The Budget Apron features an adjustable neck strap with front buckle and an 40" adjustable back strap with a snap that attaches to a D-ring for an easy on/off. A 6" deep x 7" wide pocket is a standard feature and is sewn on with Kevlar thread.

      Unlike our other aprons, the Budget Apron CANNOT be modified. It is what it is!

Heavy Duty Budget Forge-Apron

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