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The Aussie Forge-Apron is built with this gorgeous Water Buffalo leather. Water Buffalo has two great benefits. The animal naturally has a denser skin so, we can use a thinner weight of leather to get superior protection. This second benefit, thinner equals lighter! 


We use a 4-5 oz weight leather that has a matte, antiqued top grain with a slight pull-up effect. The light brown flesh side looks and feels a bit like suede. A carefully chosen oil content offers a slight pull-up effect that looks even better in person. The leather has been tumbled to make it more flexible though it is not quite as soft as our standard oil tanned leather. 


The apron style is the Original Cut Forge-Apron featuring a 12" wide bib that flares towards the waist to 24" wide. The overall length is 36" long.  It features our exclusive flame buckles and chrome finished hardware attached with rivets.


What really sets the Aussie apart is our logo emblazoned on a six inch wide by seven inch deep rectangular pocket of the same leather. It comes standard with our X-style Back Strap system that is based on your t-shirt size for length, but you can choose to add a Y-Strap System or any other option available on our leather shop aprons. 



Aussie Forge-Apron

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