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The Frontier Forge-Apron is crafted of an auburn red, oil-tanned, pull-up leather that has distressed characteristics. It includes a rectangular 6"x7" chest pocket with the Forge-Aprons logo prominently displayed. The distressed coloration of the leather is achieved at the tannery by first applying a base dye and then layering added dyes and oils to achieve a uniform, darker look. The magic happens over time as this leather is handled and the final product undergoes regular use, revealing the character of the base dye while a well-worn finish emerges. This beautiful, varigated color leather is a mid-weight 5-6oz which will provide excellent penetration protection. The leather has been tumbled to make it supple. Since it is has an oil-tanned finish and smooth surface, it will do a great job repelling oils and liquids.


The apron design is our Original Cut featuring a 12" wide bib that flares towards the waist to 24" wide. The overall length is 36" long.  It features our exclusive flame buckles and chrome finished hardware attached with rivets. What really sets the apart is the chest pocket with Forge-Aprons stylish logo emblazoned on a six inch wide by seven inch deep rectangular pocket. The Frontier Apron comes standard with our X-style Back Strap system that is based on your t-shirt size for length, but you can choose to add a Y-Strap System or any other option available on our leather shop aprons.  You can add other pocket options to this apron and all will be crafted of the same leather to provide a nice, uniform look.



Frontier Forge-Apron

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