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The standard width of all Forge-Aprons is 24" but not everyone is standard size. The fact is, an apron that is too small will not only not protect you fully but it will be uncomfortable to wear which is why we offer the option to Up-Size your apron all the way up to 7X. Ideally your apron should extend to, or slightly past, the side seams of your pant leg and the bib top should be about 3" less than the spanse of your chest (from arm pit to arm pit). A 2X adds 3" in width to the apron for only $15. The price increases by $5 with each X you Up-Size so, for instance, a 3X will be $20 additional and add 6" overall to the width. 
*Allow an additional 3-5 days for blacksmith apron with EXTRA WIDTH apron orders to be processed.

Additional Width

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