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Line-up of Forge-Aprons leather forge apron styles

Leather Shop Aprons

That Fit You and Your Needs

Built for Blacksmiths, Knife Makers, Fabricators, Wood Workers and Craftsmen

Why Forge-Aprons?

Steve Grater of Village Blacksmith in Tucson

   Aside from durable protection, Forge-Aprons offer:

  • Comfort - It's our priority. From our supple leather, to our X-style back straps with shoulder epaulettes, to the apron designs themselves. 

  • Fit- We build Kid's size Small up to 7XL Adult. We offer a Custom-Size option for a tailor-made fit apron.

  • Customization - Over 30 options allow you to create an apron that performs in the shop how you need it to. 

  • Variety - Our thirteen apron styles allow you to get an apron that fits you, your needs, and your budget.

  • Compassion - We truly want to build a product that works for you. To back that up, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us for help ordering.

How to Order

Most Apron Orders Ship in Ten Days or Less!

Aprons in Action


Amy W

Beautiful high quality forging apron! My son (12) loves it, and his instructor was impressed with its quality. He will outgrow it way to soon, but we’ll be back for another as soon as he does!



David B

I received the apron and was just blown away by the fit and quality. I have worn it at the forge and in the shop since then, and always aware of how comfortable it is.



Jeff B

Got this as a gift and am thrilled. The workmanship and quality are top notch. Im a big guy but the fit and shoulder straps are very comfortable. Love this.

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