nine styles of Forge-Aprons protective leather aprons for craftsmen and women

Leather Shop Aprons

That Fit You and Your Needs


in USA til 12/6

for Blacksmiths, Knife Makers, Fabricators, Wood Workers and Craftsmen

Why Forge-Aprons?

We offer a comfortable, stylish, durable leather shop apron at a fair price but it is our attention to detail

that sets us apart from the competition.

 Our Leather

  • Supple, super-soft leather has no break-in time = comfort.

  • Full-grain includes the tough, dense outer epidermis. 

  • Thicker than a nickel for excellent penetration protection.

  • Chrome tanned won't weigh you down like oil tanned.

  • Dark brown leather is standard. Option of Black leather or heavy duty Water Buffalo in a distressed brown. 

Our Apron Designs

  • Nine adult styles and three kids/youth sizes to choose from.

  • Functional, diamond chest pocket with three openings features our logo or, optionally, yours.

  • Offering 18 options to customize your apron to your needs.

  • Exclusive flame-embossed buckles.

  • Pockets are glued, riveted and sewn on.

  • Kevlar thread offers excellent burn resistance and great tensile strength.

  • Designed for blacksmiths but knife makers, wood workers, fabricators and other craftsmen choose Forge-Aprons.


Custom Sizing

  • Standard size aprons fit with straps in your T-shirt size.

  • Custom size aprons for Small to 7X, Short to Extra Tall.

  • Custom sizing provides a more comfortable fit and better protection for a nominal cost.

Mid length with hip pocket options.jpg

Our Back Straps

  • Standard X-style design places weight on your shoulders  for long wearing comfort that eliminates neck strain.

  • Strap length based on your T-shirt size for a perfect fit.

  • Features quick release trigger snap for easy in and out. 

  • Includes epaulets to disperse weight over shoulders.

  • Fully removable and adjustable for multiple wearers.

  • Optional Y-Style back strap system available.

Our Options​ 

Mix and match for a blacksmith apron that fits your needs:

  • Six pocket choices with various placement options 

  • Tool loops

  • Tool pouches

  • Leg split in varied lengths

  • Leg straps

  • Lambs wool padding at pressure points 

  • Y-style back strap system puts weight on hips

  • Hand forged buckles for re-enactors and period smiths 

  • Wear strips for high wear areas

  • Padded chest for sheet metal workers

  • Alternate leather types and colors; black leather, heavy duty water buffalo leather, firm bovine leather 

  • Monogrammed logo pocket with your name or shop logo

About Forge-Aprons

  • Our 20+ years of experience in the metal trades helps us understand your protection needs and challenges.

  • Exceptional and personal customer service.

  • Superior craftsmanship.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on our leather aprons.

  • Our leather shop aprons are built in the USA.

  • Personal protection equipment blacksmith tools

  • Most apron orders ship in seven days or less!

  • Ask about our discounts to military and ABANA members.

Back Strap System

What People Say About Our Custom Leather Blacksmith Aprons

David in Minnesota

Wow, thank you!  It is not often that people using the word "custom" really mean it! Thank you so much!  


in Masschussetts

Best apron I have ever purchased... well worth it!

Love my new shop armor! Very comfortable for all day wear & very heavy duty. Great craftsmanship & customer service too!

Josh in Kansas

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Most Apron Orders Ship in Five Days or Less!