When you know you want them to be protected but just don't know what style would suit them best get them a gift certificate! Available in $25 increments. Fully personalized with their name, your name and a brief note/greeting, if you choose. Gift Certificates are available two ways, we can either send you a digital image for you to print or mail a physical certificate to the recipient. Gift Certificates are valid for one year after the date of purchase and will be clearly marked as to when they expire. 

Gift Certificate ($25 increments)

  • According to Utah Code Ann. §13-11-4(2)(v) It is a violation of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act to issue a gift certificate that has an expiration date without disclosing the expiration date on the gift certificate or its packaging. Therefor, Gift Certificates issued by Forge-Aprons will be clearly marked with an expiration date for one year (12 months) after the date of purchase. Once the expiration date has passed, an unredeemed Gift Certificate will be considered abandoned and become non-redeemable. Monies will be non-refundable. 

    In the event a physical or printed copy of a Gift Certificate is lost, the certificate is still redeemable as long as it can be verified in Forge-Aprons records.