The Full-Cut apron offers 3 inches more coverage over your chest and sides than our Original-Cut. This design is a popular choice with women as it helps address the challenge of finding a comfortable, protective metalworking apron that won't travel on their chest. Men also appreciate the broader protection that the Full Cut apron provides especially, if they do alot of grinding. The Full Cut blacksmith apron is 36" long, 24" wide with a 12" bib top that flares quickly adding about 1.5" more coverage per side. The Full-Cut comes standard with the FORGE-APRON logo chest pocket, Criss-Cross straps, Flame Buckles and quick release snap. Kevlar thread adds durability. To alter the apron dimensions, please choose the Custom Sizing options. To add additional pockets, choose the Customize Pockets option.

Standard leather is a super-soft, dark brown that is 5-6 oz in weight. Please choose your shirt size so that we can provide the proper length of straps.

Full-Cut Forge-Apron