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The Full-Cut apron offers 3 inches more coverage over the chest area than our Original-Cut. Blade smiths appreciate the broader protection as due to hours spent in front of a grinder.


Other than the expanded chest width, the Full Cut blacksmith apron is just like the Original Cut. It measures 36" long by 24" wide. It features a 12" wide bib top that sports the stylish and functional diamond shaped pocket with Forge-Apron's anvil logo laser burned on.


The apron is hand crafted of mid-weight, 5 - 6 oz smooth, top-grain cow hide leather (just a hair thicker than a nickel). The oil-tanned leather has been tumbled making it flexible which means no break in time. The standard color is a dark brown but the leather has a pull up affect that creates a distressed look over time.


Our Flame accented, quick adjust buckles at the top front of the bib connect the standard X-style backstrap to the apron. The straps themselves incorporate our unique shoulder epauletts which disburse the apron weight over a greater area making the apron more comfortable to wear for extended periods.


The straps are based on your T-shirt size. This makes a stock apron fit sizes Small to 7XL tall. The straps are fully adjustable and removable to allow for multiple wearers. An easy grip, quick-release trigger snap at the side makes getting in and out of the apron, a snap.


Kevlar thread and rivets add durability to the pockets. All of these details make Forge-Aprons the best fitting, most comfortable blacksmithing apron you'll ever wear.

Full-Cut Forge-Apron

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