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  • April Witzke

Introducing the Budget Forge-Apron

Forge-Aprons is proud to introduce their second new apron model this month: the Budget Blacksmiths Apron. The Budget Apron is crafted of a light to mid-weight (3-4 ounce) smooth, full-grain cowhide. It includes a generous 6 inch deep by 7 inch wide chest pocket. The neck strap features a buckle for easy adjustments as well as an adjustable back strap that connects to a D-ring with a swivel snap which makes getting out of the Budget Apron, a snap! The Budget Apron has a 10" wide bib that flares to 24" and is 28" long. Unlike the other Forge-Apron designs, the Budget Apron cannot be modified or personalized but still offers the protection and functionality that you have come to expect in Forge-Aprons! Get yours at

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